My Thoughts on E3 2014

I’m very excited about Halo right now. The little bit of goodness we got out of E3 was enough to fan the flames of my passion for Halo.      I missed out on all of the excitement leading up to the release of Halo 4. I have since caught up through listening to various podcasts, […]

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My week in Halo

This has been a great week for me in Halo. My K/D spread is slowly creeping up. I started the week at 1.03 and I am now up to 1.13. I know it’s not a huge jump but as long as it is rising I am happy. I’ve started reading Halo: Contact Harvest again. It […]

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My Love for Halo

My love for Halo goes back to Halo: Combat Evolved. I wasn’t on board from the very beginning but I did get into Halo before Halo 2 came out. The first time I played Halo: CE was at my wife’s uncle’s house. My wife and I had stopped by to visit and her uncle asked […]

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