My Love for Halo

My love for Halo goes back to Halo: Combat Evolved. I wasn’t on board from the very beginning but I did get into Halo before Halo 2 came out.
The first time I played Halo: CE was at my wife’s uncle’s house. My wife and I had stopped by to visit and her uncle asked if I would like to check out this new game. Being a gamer since I was a kid of course I wanted to.
I took the controller and ran around getting destroyed by these crazy looking blue guys that kept yelling “Oort, oort, oort.” at me. I’m not sure which level it was on but I have a fuzzy image in my head of it being either Assault on the Control Room or Truth and Reconciliation.
The game was cool but I went out on my way and didn’t think much about it for quite a while.
I was in the National Guard and my unit got deployed to Iraq. One of my squad mates brought along his Xbox and a copy of Halo: CE. This was a god send for us. Any time we had the chance we were playing Halo. We would go out on patrol looking for insurgents and then come back to the barraks and hunt for Covenant. We spent a great deal of our time gathered around the TV either watching two guys go through the campaign on co-op or we were watching four guys blast the crap out of each other in multiplayer.
Then, that wonderful day late in 2004 came when Halo 2 arrived Iraq. Our love for Halo was already very high and then another of our platoon mates got an Xbox, a router and an ether net cable. Oh, it was on then. LAN PARTY!!! 4 v 4 on separate TV’s in separate rooms. Life couldn’t have been any better.
Our time in Iraq was winding down and I knew that I wanted Halo to be a part of my life when I went home. I called up my wife and said, “Baby, get me an Xbox and some Halo. I’m comin’ home.”.
She did. When I got home I had a brand new Xbox, a copy of Halo: CE AND Halo 2.
I had a great time getting to go through both campaigns solo but I missed all the great times I had with my Army brothers. I didn’t have any Halo buddies back home to play with. I eventually had one though.
My first daughter was born while I was in Iraq and when she was around three years old she got interested in what daddy was doing. She started trying to play with me. She spent most of her time looking at the floor or getting stuck in a corner or walking off of a cliff. She didn’t care. She was just happy to be playing and I was happy to have her playing with me. She has got a lot better as time has gone by and she likes hearing what I learn about the Halo universe through the novels but her’s is more of a casual intrest at best.
After I came home from Iraq I went back to truck driving and I was also in a band so my free time was at a premium. I couldn’t justify spending all week on the road for work and then coming home and jamming with my band and then playing hours and hours of Halo, so I had to let it go for a while.
A couple of years went by and my band split up and I got the desire to play Halo again. I fired up my tired old Xbox and jumped back into Halo: CE and Halo 2.
It wasn’t long before my Xbox was having trouble even loading a game and then it finally died completely. (Moment of silence)
Since my desire for gaming was heightened, it was long before I went out and bought myself a shiny new Xbox 360. I don’t keep up with gaming new so after I got a 360 I quickly realized that I had missed out on a LOT of Halo.
Halos 3, ODST, Reach and Halo Wars had come out and I knew nothing about any of them.
What is an ODST?
Where the heck is Reach?
These are just a couple of questions I had.
Most of my questions were answered quickly as I devoured all of this new Halo goodness.
Honestly, I still don’t know anything about Halo Wars.
Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach were all amazing. Reach is still my favorite as far as the campaign goes. The story of that one is just so compelling to me. The final scene, the last stand of Noble 6, moved me more than anything else in any other game I’ve ever played. I could just feel the desparation as he fought and fought, knowing that there was no way he could overcome and survive. I even have the Noble Team emblem proudly displayed on the back glass of my truck.
I’m not sure where I heard about it but I got word that Halo 4 was coming out. I went directly to my nearest Game Stop and preordered it and picked it up on launch day.
I took it home and popped it in the disk tray and was amazed. It was and still is the most graphically stunning game I have ever seen.
I was a bit lost going through the campaign. I had never heard of the Didact or the Librarian. I didn’t know anything about cryptums or promethians.
It didn’t matter. I was still loving it.
Since the release of Halo 4 I have jumped in with both feet.
I get up in the morning and listen to Halo podcasts on my way to work. I listen to Halo podcasts all day as I drive. (I’m still a truck driver) I daydream about Halo. I usually keep a Halo novel in the truck with me in case I get stuck somewhere and have some time to kill. I go home at the end of the day and play Halo and recently I have been playing thr new Halo/Minecraft mash up pack with my daughters. Then I go lay down in my bed and read more Halo as I drift off to sleep.
The universe of Halo is so deep and so consuming that I just can’t get enough.
I have read most of the novels multiple times. I am currently going through Contact Harvest for the third time.
The fiction of the games and of the novels is what I plan to focus on mostly on this blog.
I have no one in my life who shares my passion for Halo so I just want to use this as a place for me to express my love and my thoughts on Halo and hopefully meet some like minded people. I know you are out there.
I missed out on all of the excitement leading up to the release of all of the previous Halo games but I plan to be there every step of the way for build up to Halo 5: Gaurdians. I’m already pumped up by the little bit of new that came out of E3 this year
More on that later.
I will be starting a Twitter and Facebook account for my blog. My gamer tag is SGT Kelley 11B. Send me a message on XBL if you would like to hook up and play some Halo with me. Don’t just send a friend request. I’ll ignore if I think it is just a random person spamming friend requests.
Leave a comment let me know what you think and feel free to share your story of how you got into Halo.
SGT Kelley- I’m out.


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