My week in Halo

This has been a great week for me in Halo.
My K/D spread is slowly creeping up. I started the week at 1.03 and I am now up to 1.13. I know it’s not a huge jump but as long as it is rising I am happy.

I’ve started reading Halo: Contact Harvest again. It is so good. I will be posting my thoughts on it before long.

I finally got more than 20 kills in one match of BTB slayer. I had been stuck at 19 as my personal best for several weeks but I finally broke through the 20 kill wall and got 21 kills in one match. I had to adjust my loadout and my play style a little but it got the job done. I’m not going to tell you the changes I have made in case I come up against you in matchmaking. I’m sure any tactic I’ve come up with is well known and commonly used anyway.

Being spurred on by the weekly challenge, I finally completed the campaign solo on legendary. I know I’m a bit late to the party on that one. I had completed all of the campaign missions except Midnight solo legendary. I kept putting it off and putting it off but when I saw one of the weekly campaign challenges was to go through Midnight solo legendary for 5,200 xp as was like, “Ok. Time to get this done.”. And I did. It didn’t take too long but it made me remember how much I hate Forerunner weapons. The Light Rifle is the only one that is even a little bit useful to me. The Binary Rifle and the Incineration Cannon are good when you can find them but the Bolt Shot, the Scattershot and the Suppressor are useless if your enemy is more than arms length away from you. Don’t even get me started on those ridiculous Concussion Grenades. UUUGH!
So, I’m a big boy now. I’ve finished the campaign for Halo 4 on legendary and I’ve seen the legendary ending.

(Drum roll please)
My absolute highlight for the week….I got a perfection in BTB Infinity Slayer. HOOORAH!!
It was a match on Longbow. We spawned, I saw the Banshee sitting there. No one else on my team was going for it so I thought, “What the heck?”. I usually die very quickly when I’m in the Banshee but not this time. I came very close to having the Banshee get destroyed once but I managed to boost myself back to the closed end of the map, landed my Banshee on top of the base, sniped a couple of strays, waited for the Banshee to respawn and took of again and flew my way to victory. 19 kills, 0 deaths. It felt really good. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to top that achievement.

One other bit in my week in Halo. My wife actually played Halo for the first time last night. We played some CTF. She was very excited that she captured the flag and carried it for 15 seconds. Baby steps.

I did have an unexpected day off in the middle of the week on which I accomplished all of this. I usually don’t get more than an hour a day to play, if that.
I will keep you posted on any other awesome things I accomplish.

Feel free to comment with your own week in Halo bits.
Sgt Kelley 11b (gamertag)


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