My Thoughts on E3 2014

I’m very excited about Halo right now. The little bit of goodness we got out of E3 was enough to fan the flames of my passion for Halo.
     I missed out on all of the excitement leading up to the release of Halo 4. I have since caught up through listening to various podcasts, mostly Podtacular and Dust and Echoes. Even though Halo 4 has been out for about a year and a half now, it still excites me to go back and listen to the old episodes.
    Enough about the old, lets get on to the new.
     The Master Chief Collection sounds amazing. All four of the Halo games featuring Master Chief on one disk containing all of their original content. Halo 2 to completely reworked to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. All of the games bumped up to run 1080p at 60 fps. How could this not be amazing? I will have it some day. But even as awesome as it sounds I still don’t think it is enough to get me to buy an Xbox One now.
     I had made up my mind about a week before E3 that I am going to get a special edition Halo 5 Xbox One, assuming there will be one, when it comes out. I would rather have that than a plain Xbox One.
     I’m not to worried about playing the Halo 5 beta. I’ve only just started playing the Halo 4 multiplayer so I’m all set there.
     The only thing I’m worried I might miss out on is Halo: Nightfall. I believe that I heard that it will be an Xbox One exclusive. That seems like a bad decision from a marketing standpoint. Well, bad for Halo but possibly good for Microsoft. I’d bet that making Nightfall an Xbox one exclusive was their idea to try to move a few more Xbox Ones.
     Either way, I’m still going to holding off until I hear something about a Halo 5 console.
     What really got me excited was that beautiful Halo 2A/Halo 5 teaser trailer.
     It starts off with an iconic scene from Halo 2. It shows Master Chief opening an airlock on Cairo Station and “giving the Covenant back their bomb”.
     This scene plays out with a voice over from a very familiar character. The Arbiter. I was glad to hear the Arbiter back in there. When I first watched the trailer I was like, “That sounds like the Arbiter. Is that the Arbiter? That’s got to be the Arbiter.”. I’m sure most of you had figured that out easily enough but for those who might still question if that is actually the Arbiter there is proof at the end of trailer. I’ll talk about that when I get there.
     This trailer definitly created a lot of questions.
     We hear the Arbiter talking to a character  who we’ve never met before, the mysterious Agent Locke.

“To find him, you have to forget the stories. Forget the legends. You have to do more than walk in his footsteps.
For he is more than the sum of his actions.
I tell you this, not because I trust you Agent Locke, but because all of our lives are at stake.
Because the seeds of our future are sown in his past.”

The Arbiter to Agent Locke.

Very intriguing stuff indeed.
Why is the Arbiter sending someone to find the Chief?
Why does Agent Locke need to find the Chief?
Who does Agent Locke work for? UNSC? ONI?
Is he human? Is he a he?

I suppose my biggest question is, Where did he get that armor and does it come in my size? That stuff looked awesome.
What I really want to know is, when in the Halo timeline does this conversation take place? Is it during Halo past or Halo present?

I hope 343 doesn’t  try to pull the whole, “This really happened during Halo 2 you just didn’t know about it at the time.” gag.
I don’t think that would be the case for a couple of reasons.
First, in the room where Agent Locke and the Arbiter are meeting there are video monitors all around. Each monitor has a still image of Master Chief on it. These images are from all of the Halo games and even one from the Halo Xbox One trailer from E3 2013. So I presume that this is taking place after the events of Halo 4.

Second, Agent Locke’s armor looks way too advanced to have been around back in the time of Halo 2. It looks like it has a lot of Forerunner tech in it. I don’t think the UNSC or ONI would’ve had anything anywhere near that advanced five or six years earlier.

So that means to me that it must be in the Halo present. That being the case, Why would the Arbiter need to find the Chief?

The last I know of the Arbiter, he was on Sanghelios trying to put down a rebellion and prevent a civil war. I’m wondering if Jul M’dama has returned home after leaving Requiem and now armed with whatever Forerunner technology and information he gained there, and started causing the Arbiter more trouble. Jul also has a very pissed off Dr. Halsey with him now and she definitely could cause some problems. Even with all of that, I don’t think it would be enough to make the Arbiter say “All our lives are at stake.”.

The only danger in the Halo universe that I know of that could get that kind of reaction out of the Arbiter is the Flood. You all know as well as I do that the Flood have to come back some time or the other. I hate the Flood and I have been thrilled to have three Halo titles without them but I don’t think they are finished. Silentium leads me to believe that.

If the Flood are coming back, why is the Arbiter the one sending this Agent Locke to find the Chief to help out with a possible Flood outbreak? Why doesn’t ONI or the UNSC know where the Chief is?

The Chief being out some where on his own? That takes my mind back to the E3 Xbox One trailer from last year. In that one we saw Chief walking through a desert, holding an AI matrix in his hand and some how causing a giant forerunning mech to rise dramatically out of the sand.

Until last week I was very sure that this Forerunner Mech was a War Sphinx. I finished reading Silentium last week and now I see that the giant mech has to be Mendicant Bias. That scene from the 2013 E3 trailer fits the burial of Mendicant Bias perfectly.

If that ends up being Mendicant Bias, you have to ask why would Master Chief be seeking out the greatest of the Forerunner AI.

Back to the end of Silentium (Spoilers)

When Born Stellar, the Iso-Didact, “imprisons” Mendicant Bias, Borne Stellar tells him that for as long as he is imprisoned he will have only one thought. As Mendicant Bisa slips below the sand he says that his one thought will be atonement. I really think that Mendicant Bias was sorry for his betrayal of the Forerunners. Borne Stellar also tells him that the only reason that he isn’t being completely destroyed is because of his intimate knowledge of the Flood and the Gravemind.

So, if the flood are returning, perhaps Master Chief is seeking out Mendicant Bias to help him save the galaxy from the Flood. I think that if Mendicant Bias shows up that he will be on our side, not something that we have to fight. I think the Ur-Didact will be coming back as the “Big Bad” for the rest of the Reclaimer Trilogy.

How would Master Chief know about Mendicant Bias or where to find him?

Ah…this is where I must borrow a prediction from the Woaf from the old Dust and Echoes podcast (love you guys and still miss you). Way back in DaE episode 2, Woaf theorized that perhaps Master Chief would be imprinted with the geas of Borne Stellar. I didn’t think much about it at the time but it acutally could work. I don’t know I feel about it though. If they went that way with the Chief, I think it would diminish the character of the Chief that we know and love. I also think that taking the story that way would really confuse average Joe Halo player. Hardcore Halo fans would get it but not people who only play the games. But it still could work. Maybe that imprinting of Borne Stellar’s geas is part of what the Librarian did to the Chief in Halo 4.

I don’t know really how to tie these theories together just yet but it’s early days and I’m just having fun thinking about it.

Oh yeah, before I forget. The way we know that it is the Arbiter talking to Agent Locke is that at the end of this year’s E3 trailer you can clearly see a reflection of the Arbiter in the visor of Agent Locke’s helmet. You probably already knew that but I was really excited when I realized it.

Please leave any thoughts in the comments below. Feel free to tell me how rubish my theories are. I don’t care as long as we’re talking Halo.

Sgt Kelley- I’m out.


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