Random Thought: The Librarian

If the Librarian is smart enough and has the technology to index enough species, including the Flood, to reseed the galaxy, why in the world did she not index her own species, the Forerunners?


3 thoughts on “Random Thought: The Librarian

  1. Good question, and one I never thought about before! Was that a shade of her own hubris, thinking there would always be Forerunner like herself to tend the galaxy? I don’t think so, but it’s the first thought that came to my head 🙂

    1. Looking strictly at the Librarian, we know that she was obsessed with preserving humanity and doing what she could to ensure that they inherited the Mantle. That, combined with what she learned on her expedition to Path Kethona, may have been enough to steer her away from trying to preserve the Forerunners.
      That being said, it is stated near the beginning of Silentium that there were billions of Lifeworkers. Surely one of them or even someone in one of the other rates would have given some thought to self-preservation.
      The fact that they all overlooked this seems a bit short sighted to me and very out of character for Forerunners, especially the Librarian.
      Thanks for the comment Knightly.

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