Random Question 001 (my answer)


Do you think the Didact’s shield worlds would have been an effecitve way to combat the flood?

My short answer is no. At least not on their own. Not the “Requiem” type shield worlds any way.

Requiem could’ve been an effective way of getting away from the Flood in its initial forms, infection forms, combat forms and carrier forms along with the early graveminds. All of Forerunner society could have gone into the shield worlds. These shield worlds were supposed to have been equipped with weapons. I imagine the Forerunners could have kept the Flood out of the shield worlds, but then what? Just sit there and wait for thousands or hundreds of thousands of years for the Flood to go extinct? The shield worlds needed something to go with them. Something to ensure the destruction of the Flood.

Besides, by the end of the Forerunner/Flood war the Flood had evolved into forms of extremely high intelligence. These forms were called “Key Minds”. The Key Minds were brilliant at military strategy. They possessed the intellect of all of Humanity, and the Forerunners that had been absorbed by the Flood and, I believe, at least some of the great knowledge of the Precursors.

The intelect of these Key Minds was so great that they were able to once again use the long dormant Precursor technology that had been constructed of or by neural physics. The power of these neural physics constrcts know as Star Roads was immense.

When the Ur-Didact was cast into a burn by Faber, the Gravemind used these Star Roads to crush an entire planet, Uthera Midgeerrd, in order to capture the Didact.

Later, the star roads were used to destroy the greater Ark and the Omega Halo.

I don’t understand how star roads are supposed to work, but they do.

Considering that by the end of the Forerunner/Flood war the Flood was wielding that kind of power, I don’t think that Requiem could have held out. I think the Star Roads would have ripped open the shell and let the Flood in and it would have all been over.

If the Forerunners had retreated into the shield worlds earlier and then fired the Halos, I think they would’ve had a winning strategy. I am guessing that since the Didact was still alive when we meet him in Halo 4, that the shield worlds must be able to protect those inside from the effects of the Halos being fired. The question I have about the shield worlds protecting its inhabitants from the effects is, was the Didact protected just because he was inside Requiem or was he protected because ue was inside the crytum?

The world may never know.

I think the halos combined with the shield worlds would have worked but again, we’ll never know. We hear about the “Sword and Shield”, refering to the shield worlds combined with the use of the Halos in other places in the Halo fiction, but because of their unbendable pride the Forerunners made it into the “Sword OR Shield” strategy.

The “Onyx” type shield world could’ve worked without firing the Halo array, maybe.

The Forerunners in this type of shield world would’ve been hidden away in a slip space bubble in another deminsion. Nice! Sounds like a good place to hide as long as the Flood can’t figure out how to get in. As knowledgable as the Flood was of slipspace, I think they would have eventually found a way in.

Also, I don’t know if being inside this slipspace bubble would have protected the Forerunners from the effects of Halo. The Iso Didact described the Halo radiation as “multi-dimensional”. This makes me think that the effects of the firing of the Halos would have even affected slipspace. That makes sense. If it didn’t, any Flood infested ships that were in slipspace would survive.

In summary, I don’t think that the shield worlds, on thier own, would’ve been a winning strategy against the Flood.

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