Spartan Chatter


One thing I forgot to mention in my first post about the Halo 5 beta is how the Spatans talk to each other during the match.
This isn’t the normal chatter you get through your head set over Xbox live. The Spartans now have pre-programmed audio bits that they will say depending on what is going on in the match.
They say things like, “Enemy contact at Red 1.”, “Teammate down at Blue 2.”. They also warn you when a grenade is thrown near you and let you know when the power weapons are incoming and which team gets the power weapon.
I like this new feature. It give you tactical information that is actually useful in the match instead of the usual garbage you get from your teammates who either have their TV turned up so loud all you hear is an echo of the match from them or they are blasting their music and you can’t hear anything but that.
I do not like the “dude-bro/douche-bag” Spartans at the beginning and end of the matches. To me Spartans should act a bit more disciplined than that. They are Spartan 4’s so I guess this undisciplined bravado fits right in with what we saw of the 4’s in Spartan Ops.
I don’t like the Spartan 4’s. They don’t need MJOLNIR armor. Just give them an Ed Hardy t-shirt and a flat brimmed cap and they will think they are bullet proof.
I also do not like the cheesy game show music they play during the death cam sequence. I see that screen a lot so that music can go away.
I did see a couple of different weapons in the beta the other day. The Hydra was the first. This is a brand new weapon to Halo. It is a hand held, multi-launch rocket system. I thought it was similar to an overcharged Mantis rocket shot. I didn’t manage to get my hands on it so I don’t know how it plays. It didn’t look very effective but I imagine whoever had it was just trying to figure out how to use it. I did get blown away with it once.
The other new weapon to the beta is well know from Halo 4, the light rifle. To me this one plays a lot different. It is mainly a mid to long range weapon so you are scoped in a lot when you have it. The reticle on this weapon is way to big. I found it very distracting and very hard to aim. I think they need to tone that one down a little.
Both of the maps felt like re-skinned versions of the first two maps.
Ok, you took the roof off of Truth and added some greenery and now Empire is at night instead of during the day but it still felt like playing the same two maps again.
I don’t want to complain too much. I still had a good time. I think it is headed in a good direction and, sadly, it already works much better than the Master Chief Collection.


2 thoughts on “Spartan Chatter

  1. I liked the “automated” call outs as well, usually more info is better and I believe that’s the case here.

    Agree with the dude-bro. Not just a “it’s canonically stupid”, but more of a “it’s just plain stupid.” 😀

    Glad I got the chance to play this with you before it ended my friend!

    1. Yes, it was good to get to play with you even though XBL was a total wreck that night. I have felt very isolated from the people on my friends list since I made the switch to XB1.

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