My Halo Life


For this installment of “My Halo Life” I want to go back to early November 2014. That’s when this new round of Halo excitment really started for me.

I read much more Halo than I play. I was very excited for November 4th to get here because of the release of the latest Halo novel, Halo: Broken Circle. (No spoilers)

I didn’t really know what to expect from this book. I knew that it dealt with the formation of the Covenant and the Great Schism. It covers both of those things and it gives new perspective on them. It introduces some new places and characters. I don’t know if we’ll ever see any of them again. This story kind of felt like a “one and done” to me. It was a good story. I’ve read it twice now and I’m sure I’ll read it again. If I had to rank it with the other Halo novels, I’d put it somewhere in the middle. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst either.

The next big day was of coarse November 11th, the release day of the Master Chief Collection. The happiness of this day was dimmed a bit for me because I did not yet have an XB1 and had no plans in the immediate future to get one. Not that I didn’t want one. I just didn’t have an extra $400 laying around at the time. But, like a good little trooper, I went to my local Game Stop and picked up my pre-ordered copy of the MCC.
Unfortunately, just a couple of days later, my truck broke down and I bad to spend a couple hundred dollars to buy a new alternator. So back to Game Stop went my MCC. (I did keep my pre-order code and it still worked when I did get my XB1 and the MCC)
Then a wonderful thing happened, Wal-Mart released their black Friday ads. Much to my delight they had a MCC bundle with the XB1 for $329 and a $30 gift card. This jammed my plans for getting an XB1 into overdrive.
Lucky for me my wife is one of those crazy people who likes to go fight with the crowds on black Friday. She was very near the front of the line when the sale went into effect.
Long story short, I got my XB1 and the MCC. If anyone asks you how long it takes to download 90 GB worth of MCC at 175 kbps, you can tell them 5 days but at least it doesn’t have to be completely downloaded before you can start playing it.
Onto the game play of it. I don’t even won’t to talk about the multiplayer. Having all of the campaigns together is just a great as I thought it would be. Halo 2 Anniversary looks beautiful. I had not played Halo 2 since my original Xbox died on me. It was great to go back through it again. I had forgotten a lot of it and other parts of it weren’t as I remembered. For one, I remembered the first Scarab battle being much more difficult. I had forgotten about being on High Charity. Of coarse the first times I played Halo 2 I didn’t know what High Charity was.
That is another awesome thing about going back through all of the campaigns, I know so much more about the story and the lore of Halo now that it all makes a lot more sense. Even the little things like Captain Keyes mentioning the Cole Protocol when we first meet him on the bridge of the Pillar of Autumn and Lord Hood talking about the Shipmaster “glassing” half a continent in Halo 3.
Yes, I’ve been having myself a grand ole Halo time since Thanksgiving.
All of the games look really good as well. Halo 4 especially looks very amazing. It looked great to start with but it is so crisp and smooth now with the 1080p and 60 fps. It is hard to believe that it and Halo 3 were made for the same console. I notice the visual upgrades to the older titles more when there is fast movement on the screen. Like in Banshee or Hornet combat.
It also seems to me that the friendly AI’s are much more useful than they used to be. I was playing Reclaimer on Halo 4 the other day and one of the Spartan 4’s actually got off of the Mammoth and went and took out the first shield generator by himself. In Outskirts on Halo 2 a Marine took out a sword wielding Elite on his own. It’s good to have a little more back up than usual. I wonder if Kat will actually be able to drive a Warthog if they do a tenth anniversary for Reach.
I am really liking the playlist option included in the MCC. It’s cool to be able to go in and play a certain story thread or certain types of missions. Right now I am working on the Epic Battles cross game play list. I wish you could adjust the difficulty on the play lists. All the one I have done so far, except the ones that are set for heroic or legendary, have all been set to normal difficulty. I blew through Assault on the Control Room in record time the other night.

Nightfall was a big let down as far as I am concerned. I kept hearing about it, “Oh it’s gonna be awesome. It is being produced by Ridley Scott!”. Then it was, “It is being produced by Ridley Scott’s company.” Then, “Oh, it’s being produced by someone who used to know Ridley Scott”. I think it ended up being produce by someone who used to cut Ridley Scott’s grass.
The story was lame. The characters, except Randall, were really bad. The setting was beyond bland. Forward Unto Dawn was much better. It actually felt like part of the Halo Universe. Nightfall just doesn’t feel like it fits in with the overall Halo story. It was more like watching people in another story talk about things that belong in Halo.
I hope they find away to make the story more interesting for whatever they release before Halo 5.
Well, I guess that’ll wrap it up for now. I’ve talked about the Beta in previous post so I won’t go into it again.
What’s been going on in your Halo life? Let me know in the comments or email me at or look up The Halo Domain on Facebook. My gamertag is SGT Kelley 11B.
Thanks for stopping by. See you on the battlefield.


3 thoughts on “My Halo Life

  1. Broken Circle will be a while for me, you know how I am about all my books being the same size … ha!

    I’m glad you’ve been loving the MCC. I’ve been able to play some Legendary campaign (Halo 2) with a friend but haven’t gotten very far yet. The multiplayer was such a disappointment, but I know things are still being worked on.

    Completely agree on Nightfall, and I enjoyed the trail of getting to the “guy who cuts Ridley Scott’s grass.” That was awesome.

    I felt Nightfall started out strong, or at least started to have a good set up, but then it just ground into “how long before everyone except Locke is dead?” I had hoped for more.

    1. I was feeling brave the other day so I cranked it up to legendary on H2A. I couldn’t get half way through Cairo Station. I’ll give it another go some time but it was way harder than I expected.

      Thanks for all the comments. Greatly appreciated.

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