Spartan Chatter

One thing I forgot to mention in my first post about the Halo 5 beta is how the Spatans talk to each other during the match. This isn’t the normal chatter you get through your head set over Xbox live. The Spartans now have pre-programmed audio bits that they will say depending on what is […]

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So you got a new style huh?

I’m just gonna throw this one out there. Yeoman Janice Rand in Star Trek the original series. The Arbiter, Thel Vadam, in Halo 2 Anniversary. I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek lately and couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Yeoman Rand’s hair style and the Arbiter’s new armor.

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Halo 5 Beta

I had my first experience with the Halo 5 multiplayer beta last night. I had planned to try it out the night before, the 29th, but when I opened it up.I quickly learned that I would first have to download 10GB of data before I could play. I new I would not be playing that […]

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Forerunner Society

The Forerunners are some of the most interesting characters in the Halo universe. They are brave and strong. They are very intelligent. They have an amazing grasp on physics, engineering and slip-space technology. They have made constructs as big as the earth’s orbit that can be hidden away in a slip-space bubble. And of coarse […]

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