Forza Motorsport 5

I’ve been on a Forza kick recently. The Forza Motorsport franchise is my second favorite Xbox title behind Halo. I have Forza 1, 4 and 5. My love for racing simulator or just racing games in general goes all the way back to the days of the original Nintendo. My friends and I used to […]

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Seeing as today is January 17th, 1-17, I saw we declare this Master Chief Day. A day to be set aside to celbrate all things Master Chief. Think of how dull and pointless our lives would be without our favorite Spartan. He is completely selfless, totally dedicated to his cause and fiercely loyal to his […]

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Random Question 001 (my answer)

Do you think the Didact’s shield worlds would have been an effecitve way to combat the flood? My short answer is no. At least not on their own. Not the “Requiem” type shield worlds any way. Requiem could’ve been an effective way of getting away from the Flood in its initial forms, infection forms, combat […]

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My week in Halo

This has been a great week for me in Halo. My K/D spread is slowly creeping up. I started the week at 1.03 and I am now up to 1.13. I know it’s not a huge jump but as long as it is rising I am happy. I’ve started reading Halo: Contact Harvest again. It […]

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